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Mexican Spanish.
Is there an adjective that means abroad other than overseas?

What would the correct way to say "Overseas Associate" when the person is from Mexico and works for a US company? You can't use abroad.... but then how do you name the title?

Many thanks in advance :)
  • Loob

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    Hi abrilabs - welcome to the forums:) Your question is actually quite a difficult one, as "abroad" only works after a verb, rather than in front of a noun (The man is abroad:tick: The abroad man:cross:).

    "Overseas", strictly, implies that there is an intervening sea. But in your case I'd be tempted to use "overseas representative".

    Let's hope someone else comes up with a better option soon!

    Harry Batt

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    I think the adjective would depend on the posting. Hence, we have foreign correspondents. Spy networks have our man in [Hong Kong, Portugal etc]. Baseball teams have their South American [or other designated overseas territories] scouts.


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    Well you could say 'cross national' or 'transnational' but I'm not sure anyone would for an individual.

    Ann O'Rack

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    "Ex-patriate"? I have seen the term used to describe people who are working in one country but come from, generally live in, and pay taxes in, another country.


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    I think i would agree with Loob and her suggestion of Overseas Representative.
    As loob pointed out, this could lead to, if not confusion, at least some amusement.

    I can remember a friend in England being confronted with some technicality about Scotland being "overseas", which of course led him to ask exactly which sea it was over.

    If the guy is from Mexico and working in Mexico why not call him the Mexican Representative or Central America Representative?


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    BE usage is, errr... special. In the U.S. overseas and abroad obviously do not overlap with the same frequency that they do in the U.K. For a Mexican citizen, the U.S. and Belize are abroad, but certainly not overseas. Liliput has made the point pointedly.
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