"Overvoltage" or "over voltage"

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Persian (Farsi)
Could anyone please tell me which of the following item is correct in a academic writing language.
"Overvoltage" or "Over voltage"?

This is valid for similar ones: "Overcurrent"/"Over current", "undervoltage"/"under voltage"
  • nimapower2003

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    Persian (Farsi)
    Please give us context and the sentence you want to use these phrases in. Thank you.
    For example, "Overvoltage/over voltage protection function is an important function in electrical power system protection" or "Refrigerator has been damaged beacuse of overvoltage/over voltage."


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    Overvoltage - a quick Google shows both but also shows "Overvoltages" +(in)definite article, which indicates to me a preference in using the single word, as "over voltages" doesn't work in the sense you require. It also appears in more serious papers.
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