overwhelmed by her voice?


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Helllo amigos!

I was overwhelmed by her voice when I saw her on the stage.

Which adjectives fit better in the case? Suprised,stunned or shocked?

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  • bibliolept

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    Which would you pick?

    I think that, given the apparent context, "stunned" would be the closest, though it is hardly a close synonym.

    I'd say that "overcome with/by emotion" might be a closer analog.


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    'Stunned', 'shocked', and 'surprised' all emphasize that something about her voice was unexpected. They also seem a bit negative to me. I would not use any of them here without more explanation. (e.g. "He was was shocked when he heard her sing: It had been twenty years since he'd heard anyone with such a beautiful voice.")

    I think you're trying to show how strong the maestro's reaction was, not that something was unexpected.
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