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I beleive we can say that something is overwhelming (tiring) ''my work is overwhelming''. Is it also correct to say :

Since two weeks I have been overwhelmed by my work ( I was busy by my work)

Many thanks
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    I have been overwhelemed by my work these past two weeks.

    I have been overwhelemed by my work for two weeks.

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    That usage of overwhelmed is perfectly fine. We do not say "since two weeks", however, you say since + date/day. E.g. since February, since 2001, since 1st of July, etc. The most usual way to say what you mean is "For two weeks" or "For the last two weeks".

    You would normally drop the "my" in your sentence, and say "overwhelmed by work" and you cannot say "busy by work", it should be busy with work, or at work, or busy working.


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    Well, there is "overwhelmed" and the less creditable "underwhelmed" and the fully creditable "whelmed".

    I originally thought that "whelmed" would fit between "overwhelmed" and "underwhelmed"; but that was not the case.

    "Whelmed" means exactly the same thing as "overwhelmed".

    OK. Back to the point at hand.

    I would write:

    "I've been "overwhelmed" (or just "whelmed") with work the last few days.

    NOTE: "whelmed" is used extremely rarely; it will likely raise an eyebrow or two if you use it. It is correct though.
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