Pédophiles, chômeurs, consanguins : bienvenue chez les Ch’tis


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I can translate the following passage literally, but I don't "get" it:

Ce sont pourtant de nouveau les Ch’tis, les gars du Nord, qui ont été cités sur cette banderole, accrochée dans le stade de Lens, lors d’un match de football qui opposait l’équipe de Lens à celle du Paris Saint-Germain. Or, il se trouve que Lens est une ville du Nord de la France, et un gros scandale a éclaté lorsque des supporters du PSG ont réussi à déployer une banderole, se terminant par « Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis », tout à fait insultante pour les Nordistes et même les autres.
Here's how I understand it:
Though it's the Ch'tis again, these guys from the North, who are mentioned on this banner, hung in the stadium at Lens, during a soccer match between the Lens team and the one from Paris Saint-Germain. Now, it so happens that Lens is a city in the north of France, and a huge uproar broke out when the PSG fans managed to spread a banner that ended with "Welcome to the land of the Ch'tis", absolutely insulting the northerners and even the others.
I have two questions.

Assuming that my translation is correct, I don't get what is so insulting about the banner (it seems like something the northerners would have put on their own banner). Is "Ch'tis" a derogatory term, especially if it's used by someone who is not from the north of France?

My confusion is compounded by the fact that in American English at least, a similar expression is used in a way that is intended to ridicule the opponent. For example, after a slam dunk by a veteran player, he may taunt a rookie defender with something like "welcome to the NBA, son" or "welcome to the Boston Garden."

And also,[...]


P.S. The source of the quote is a recent "Les mots de l'actualité" column ("Bienvenue", 2008.04.01) by Yvan Amar.
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    Your translation contains the key : hat ended with "Welcome to the land of the Ch'tis"

    the insulting words were before ( the complete banner was : "Pédophiles, chômeurs, consanguins : bienvenue chez les Ch’tis" )

    here les autres means the people that are not Nordistes

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    What was insulting isn't mentioned in your text (pédophiles, chômeurs, consanguins), bienvenue chez les ch'tis is referring both to a famous recent film and to Lens unhabitants.

    Please open a new thread about your second question.


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    Bonjour à tous.

    Le 29 mars, une banderole anti-Ch'tis avait été déployée au Stade de France lors de la finale de la Coupe de la Ligue contre Lens.

    Je me demande, justement, la signification de "Ch'tis"?

    Merci en avance de votre explication.


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    Le nom a longtemps été "chtimi" qui faisait référence à la prononciation des mots "toi' (chti) et "moi" (mi) dans le patois régional.
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