pérennisez le savoir-faire au sein de votre entreprise

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  1. Christel New Member

    Bonjour/ Hello,
    I'm translating a brochure about a software (kind of tailored database for technical procedures) with this sentence :
    "transmettez et pérennisez le savoir-faire au sein de votre entreprise"
    I can't figure out the proper "commercial" way to put it! And I'm not satisfied with my attemps...
    - Transmit your knowhow and make it last over the long-term with your company
    - Transmit and ensure your know-how sustainability in your company
    Can anyone give me a hand to put this a bit more commercial brochure style???
    Merci beaucoup
  2. Transfer_02 Senior Member

    Espoo, Finland
    English - British
    How about:
    Ensure the long-term distribution and sustainability of the knowledge-base in your company
  3. bh7 Senior Member

    Limestone City
    Canada; English
    - Ensure the long-term transmission of existing know-how within your company.

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