Péter iskolába jár

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    I have got used free textbook of Hungarian written by Zoltán Bánhidi-Zoltán Jókay-Dénes Szabó and it is from 1972 and meant for German speaking people. But a Hungarian says to me phrases are incorrect. Why?? There is for example=
    Peter ikolaba jar=Peter besucht die Schule
    tanulok egy kiesit=Ich lerne ein wenig.
    Right or wrong?
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    "Péter iskolába jár" and "Tanulok egy kicsit" are correct.
    -- Olivier
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    Xlarousse, welcome to our forum!:)
    I can imagine that the problem is more about the book being a bit old, however, the examples you quoted are OK (after Olivier's correction:)), not outdated.

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