péter les couilles

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I heard "péter les couilles" used metaphorically in a movie so I searched on wordreference and found nothing. I am guessing it must mean "to break one's balls" which in English means "to give someone a hard time" usually through nagging them.

I'm just confirming this translation! Am I right? Does it have the exact same meaning as "casser les couilles"?
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    I found "péter les couilles" here:


    selon vegangirl, les deux phrases sont synonymes...

    It's good "péter les couilles" has it's own thread now to help people who are searching for it.

    to break one's balls

    "My boss always bothered me at work, he never stopped breaking my balls."

    To see this phrase in action in English, watch this South Park clip:

    [...] It's perfect! So hilarious!
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