péter plus haut que son cul


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Dans le Libé aujourd'hui parlant de campagne présidentielle aus Etats-Unis un bloggeur pose la question 'Obama pète-t-il plus haut que son cul?'

Qu'est-ce que ça veut dire ?
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    Yes, or "is he a bit of a show-off?".

    Be careful with using "péter plus haut que son cul" as it is a very familiar expression. I wouldn't use it in formal circumstances and would only use it with friends or colleagues in a casual setting.

    The journalists of Libé, as they are wont to do, use expressions such as this one for their shock value.


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    that is not quite the saying it's ...peter plus haut que le trou (hole), makes it much more understandable it's not coming out of the hole in your "ass" but out of your mouth..


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    I have just read this phrase in a Liberation headline, concerning Barack Obama (it was asked interrogatively - pete-t-il plus haut que son cul?). Can anyone please help me decide what they are implying?!


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    To think you're the cat's whiskers.


    That's like the bee's knees -- it means the right thing, but very old-fashioned nowadays.

    He thinks he's hot shit. I can't imagine this would be in a mainstream English-language newspaper--but Libé pushes the envelope...


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    Right enough, there're many ones.

    "He thinks he's the business", too. It may look pretty appropriate from his context.



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    But how would you say that to an Englishman (or a Welshman, indeed) about a client of his (a very colloquial way is accepted) ?


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    Thanks shoenning !
    But does it really suggest that this "fucking high opinion of themselves" is overrated ?


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    Literally, "to fart higher than his asshole." I.e. "He thinks his shit doesn't stink," or to be less vulgar, "He thinks he's superior to everyone else," or "He's full of himself."