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    Gr. επίσκοπος -> US. bishop -> Hu. püspök;
    Gr. Πεντηκοστή -> US. Pentecost -> Hu. pünkösd.

    Is there anybody who can explain the strange change of vowels?

    The mixup of consonants in very funny, too.
    I think when our pagan ancestors met the Greek missionaries competing with those sent from Rome
    the original Greek words twisted their language.

  2. Zsanna

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    The online Etimological dictionary (available in the Hungarian Resources) may help:

    "A magyar szó közvetlen forrása a német Bischof ófelnémet biskop előzménye, illetve ennek tájnyelvi piskup változata lehetett. A magyarban hangrendi illeszkedés, hangátvetés, majd labializáció következett be: piskup đ piskep đ pispek đ püspök."

    (Although it maybe worth mentioning that it did not arrive straight from the Greek into any of the main European languages but through Latin...)
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    As for the change of vowels pispek>püspök, the same dictionary also mentions "labializálódással" pinkest > pünköst/pünkösd.
    Labialization is not surprising in Hungarian, judging from the variation betwenn dialects nowadays (Szöged hírös város).
    -- Olivier
  4. franknagy

    franknagy Senior Member

    Thank you for the answers.

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