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    What are the exact English equivalents for "příchod" and "odchod" in case of an attendance system?


    The emplyees register themselves via an electronic terminal using a (magnetic/proximity etc.) card, when they arrive/leave their place of employment or workplace. Typically, a special software evaluates the data obtained from the terminals and as result we have various reports about the "arrivals/departures", worked hours, overtimes, absences for various reasons (holidays, illness, ...) etc ... Now, how should we call the columns "Příchody" and "Odchody" in a report in English?

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    Clock-in (time), clock-out (time), or clock-on (time), clock-off (time). You can use the term with or without the word "time". The machine is called a clocking-in machine, or a clock-in machine.

    Fred clocked in at 08.00, and clocked out at 16.00.
    Fred clocked on at 08.00, and clocked off at 16.00. There's no difference in meaning.

    His clock-in (or clock-on)(time) was 08.00. His clock-out (or clock-off) (time) was 16.00. The word "time" isn't necessary.
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