P.A. Desmontaje y retirada de...

Uncle BBB

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P.A. is from a heading of a work description for SUSTITUCIÓN FAN COIL in a price proposal of a company.

The heading is: P.A. Desmontaje y retirada de unidad existente.

Does P.A. here mean Prolonged Action? Acción Prolongada?

There is no direct context but P.A. appears before other activity headings like: P.A Adecuación desagüe para fan-coil, incluso sifón

Thank you very much in advance!
  • Lnewqban

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    It seems to be a list of works with their associate cost estimates related to replacement of a fan coil (a type of air handler for air conditioning/heating).
    First step: Demolition of fan coil / Price assessment/adjustment = $$
    Second step: Modifications to existing condensate piping (including trap) / Price assessment/adjustment = $$
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