"P.O.P" --Acronym--Definition


CaNaDa, EnGlIsH
:confused: I'm doing a project on the weather, and I'm translating everything from English to French-- but I'm not asking for the French definition. I just want to know what P.O.P stands for (I will post another P.O.P-based post in the French Forums, so as not to confuse any other people).

  • I haven't ever heard of P.O.P. in relation to weather (or anything, really). I just did a quick search on the net and didn't see anything there. Do you have a sentence or more context?
    Oh yeah, I don't think I will atually post another one in French... just to let you people know in case any one was eagerly waiting for it. Sorry.

    It's not an acronym that is commonly used in English. Well, not in the UK anyway.It may be used in weather-forecasting circles but is not used in the forecast .

    "Probability of precipitation" is quite a technical way of speaking. People are more likely to say "chance of rain"