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J'aimerais savoir à quoi correspond l'abréviation "p" dans ce document mais je ne m'y connais pas du tout dans ce domaine.

dans les "key figures", dans le tableau suivant :

Adjusted* 2017 2016 Reported Organic†
Revenue £998.7m £757.4m +32% +6%
Adjusted operating profit* £235.5m £180.6m +30% +6%
Adjusted operating profit margin* 23.6% 23.8% -20 bps +0 bps
Adjusted profit before taxation* £229.1m £177.9m +29%
Adjusted basic earnings per share* 220.5p 171.5p +29%
Dividend per share 87.5p 76.0p +15%
Cash conversion 86% 101%
Statutory 2017 2016 Reported
Operating profit £198.9m £174.1m +14%
Profit before taxation 192.5m £171.4m +12%
Basic earnings per share 214.4p 165.0p +30%

Avez-vous une idée ?
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    Les prix des actions sont donnés en p = pence.
    Stock prices here are quoted in Pence. There are of course 100 Pence in a Pound. This “Last Price” is not 221.50 pounds, but 221.50 pence, or approximately 2.21 GBP (Great British Pounds).


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    And "bps" stands for "basis points" (= one one-hundredth of one percent / 0.01%), commonly used for small changes in rates of return / yields in business and finance.
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