1. Lori15 Senior Member

    English, England
    Hola a todas
    I am watching Abre los ojos - and in one scene Cesar says putada - I understand this is a vulgar term but not sure in what way. Is the infinitive form putar and can someone explain what it means.
  2. Kevin R

    Kevin R Senior Member

    Ulverston, Cumbria,UK
    English, UK
    Es una putada que no tengo dinero - it's a bastard that I'm broke..

    Es una putada que se perdió su empleo....

    Es una putada que le roban el reloj....

  3. Sines Senior Member

    Galicia, España
    Español (España)
    "Putada" is a bad word that we people in Spain say very often when something gets in the wrong way.

    Kevin's examples are very illustrative and I agree with them.

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