PA/LA: أنا ما عم بتقّل


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Hello to you all
In a song called نصحانة خمسة كيلو preformed by the Palestinian/Lebanese singer أمل كعوش appeared the following line:
أنا والله ما عم بتقّل، عم باكل شوي شوي
How would you translate it? Especially the verb بتقّل. I'm guessing it means to overeat. Is it a verb more common in the Lebanese dialect?
By the way, are there rules when do I negate عم with ما and when with مش?
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    You can negate 3am with either maa or mish. It's like رح in this respect.

    تقّل means a lot of things - it's derived from تقيل and in this sort of context can be translated as 'overdoing it' or as you say 'overeating'. But متقل شوي بالسهرة امبارحة for example might be referring to alcohol, and تقّلتها can mean 'you went too far'. I think it's used in all Levantine dialects. There's already a thread on it here.