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I believe that I have heard the Latin for peace used in French such as in "Pace les manifestants contre l'aéroport de Nantes" meaning that that the speaker is not seeking to provoke their anger. However, I can't seem to find it, at least in Petit Robert. Any information?
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    I don't remember Latin "pace" being used in French.
    Note that a French person who studied Latin or Italian would pronounce it "paké" or "patché". Did you misheard "passe" perhaps? Or a mangled "parce que"?
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    No, sorry but the Latin "pace" is never used in French and as Kecha said the pronunciation would not be the same as "passe". Anyway the sentence you suggest would be meaningless.
    Can you remember where you heard this? (radio?)

    Didn't you hear "place"?
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