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The charges will consume first from the customer’s pack they subscribed to and then will be charged for out of bundle charges. Retrieving voicemail messages outside Qatar will be charged based on the applicable roaming charges (or from the company Passport Packs).
Can you help please to specify the difference between pack and bundle here?
Source: Communications Regulatory Authority
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    In this paragraph, both "pack" and "bundle" are used with special meanings which are defined by the Authority. They both refer to some quantity of service that a customer pays for: the customer subscribes to a "pack" and the quantity of service he gets is also called a "bundle".

    The terms are defined somewhere in the information given to customers, about what they are purchasing.

    In business, "to bundle" often means to group several things together, and make customers purchase the whole group. For example, you can't subscribe to long-distance phone service without also subscribing to local phone service: the two are a "bundle".
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