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  1. rydell Senior Member

    Hi everybody,

    Two shops told me two different ways of saying "package", I mean, if I want to buy two packages of water that are formed by six bottles, what do I use?
    1 我要两大水。
    2 我要两捆水。

    I think the first one is telling the form of the bottle and it should be used 大瓶的水。But you tell me, please.

  2. retrogradedwithwind Senior Member

    A couple of words are chosen to express the idea of several bottles connected and sold as a whole in both Chinese and English.


    Seems that you will understand this better by showing you what they are...
  3. SuperXW

    SuperXW Senior Member

    两大水 doesn't make sense.
    Maybe the shop owner said 两袋(dai4)水 or 两打(da2)水, or maybe there were some misunderstanding.

    两袋(dai4)水 “two bags of water”.
    两打(da2)水 “2 dozen (packages) of water”. But it is still not so likely.

    “Package” isn’t specific enough for Chinese. We usually need to use different classifiers according to the type of the package.

    两捆水 uses 捆. It means the water in whatever containers are bound together as one unit. 捆 originally means “to bind with rope”.
  4. ktdd Senior Member

    Mandarin - Beijing
    Hi, rydell.
    What is your question specifically? There are many ways of saying 'package' depending on the nature of the package. But 大 is definitely not a measure word.
    You can say "六瓶一个包装的矿泉水我要两件"。
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  5. yuechu Senior Member

    Canada, English
    What does 两件 mean here? Does it mean "two packs"?

  6. darren8221 Member

    Mandarin - Taiwanese
    Yes. It would then be 6*2 = 12 bottles. We would also say 六瓶裝的礦泉水我要兩件。

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