Packing or packaging?


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What is the difference between packing and packaging?

Are they interchangeable?

When and where are they used?

thanks in advance
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    When used as verbs, they're almost identical. After writing my sentences below, I realized that packaging implies that you're creating a package. When used as nouns, "packaging" probably sounds better. Some sentences:

    - He was packing the device into the box when she called
    - He was packaging the device when she called (into the box is assumed!)
    - The package arrived at my doorstep this morning.

    I can't use "packing" as a noun in a sentence. I have just forgotten the meaning of the words after using them so much making this post :eek: Sorry!



    "packaging" always strikes me as the stuff put inside a box to prevent damage to the contents.
    This may be because when I was young there was no packaging - things arrived in "a box" or "a bag" and that was it. Then the supermarkets arrived and goods began to be "packaged" and there was a monstrous rise in household waste.

    "packing" sounds more industrial - goods being shipped in packing crates, etc.


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    Stuff stuffed into a confined space, for example to make something airtight or watertight, is packing. Packaging could not be used in this context.


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    Sallyb36 said:
    Which fits in with what you do to go on holiday panjandrum, stuff stuffed into a confined space!
    Indeed - but my packing is a noun. I stuff the packing into the narrow gaps in the roof to stop the rain coming in.


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    jediracer said:
    packing is what is inside the packaging
    french4beth said:
    packing - any material used especially to protect something; or
    the enclosure of something in a package or box
    packaging - material used to make packages
    I agree with these. Packaging is the ampule, the vial, the bottle, the drum, the box, the bag, etc. Packing is the material used to stop things in the package from moving around and to provide added protection (the filler).
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