1. Chris Ings Member

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    Que veut dire le mot 'pacsé'?
  2. Aupick

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    The PACS is a civil union that allows people (homosexual or heterosexual) to have many of the rights that marriage has traditionally given couples. It stands for pacte civil de solidarité and was introduced under Jospin.

    Pacser has become a verb meaning to undergo a PACS, to contract to a civil union.
  3. CLEMENTINE Senior Member


    Tell me if I am wrong, but le PACS is not only for couples (homosexuals or heterosexuals) but is also for two people living in the same home (flatmates or even brothers/sisters) to get fiscal advantages ?
  4. zaby

    zaby Senior Member

    PACS is supposed to be for couples, but it's not difficult to contract one with your flatmate to get fiscal advantages...
    Yet you can't get a PACS with a blood relative (like your sister/brother, aunt/uncle, parents, nephew...).
  5. geve

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    theorically it's not only for couples, but for "2 adults wishing to organize their life together" (but indeed, not blood relatives) :
  6. bezani

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    I translated this as "partner in a civil solidarity pact".
  7. wildan1

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    In AE, we speak of domestic partners and of a domestic partnership, legally available in some US states, similar to the French PACS.

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