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Hello everyone:)

I know that PACS are Pactes Civil de Solidarité but I was wondering what the appropriate English translation for this would be. What is the difference between this term and the words conjoint and concubin?

Merci beaucoup!
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    Conjoints = married people.
    Concubins = people living together, without any legal ties.

    PACS is half-way between those 2 situations. It creates some legal rights but not as strong as in the case of marriage. Plus, PACS is a contract that can be signed by same sex people, making it possible for homosexuals to get something close to marriage.


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    In the UK this is called civil partnership. However civil partnership is only an open as an option for same sex couples.


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    Reactivating this old thread because I'm looking for the American English translation of this word.

    Would "civil partnership agreement" be an acceptable translation ?

    Thanks in advance


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    Bonsoir, (et merci ain'ttranslationfun?)

    Je viens de trouver ceci sur la toile -source US gvt- and I think it works in my context.

    I'll use this one.
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