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    Am translating a text about the history of Navarra and the Castillian invasionof 1512. I suspect there is an error in ythe Spanish.

    This is about the military surrender:
    Las circunstancias (surrounding the conquest) obligaron a que rendición militar del reino navarro revistiera un carácter “pactado” y “negociado”, en un proceso condiciionado, sin duda, por las circunstancias en que se desarrolló la conquista.

    Do you know what 'pactado' means? I have 'agreed'. My translation as follows:

    The circumstances forced Navarra’s military surrender to have an “agreed” and “negotiated” nature. There was no doubt that this was determined by the circumstances in which the conquest unfolded.

    Any help much obliged and merry xmas!!


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    Parece correcto, general.
    Por favor, cuida los errores de tipeo.

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