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Xavier da Silva

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Hello eveyone,

I'd like to know if the phrasal verb "to pad out" was correctly used. Could you check this sentence for me, please?

==>The teacher was padding out the class as there was nothing else to teach.(=Saying or doing something that isn't important because you have nothing important to say or do.)

Pad something out: to put unnecessary information into something to make it longer.(Macmillan)

Thank you very much in advance!
  • e2efour

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    UK English
    Hi Xavier

    I think "lesson" sounds more natural than "class".
    I react to "class" because I immediately think of a group of students. On the other hand, "class" can mean a lesson.

    What do others think?


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    I think "padding out the lesson" sounds good. I also hear "stretching out" to express this idea. I think I'd accept either "class" or "lesson" here although I agree with E2E Four that it tends to make the listener think of a group of students. However, such statements as "That was a great class" meaning "That was a great lesson" are common.
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