"pad their expenses"


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Please, could you tell me what "pad their expenses" mean in this context?

Christina: “Well, you had to do it, Betty. No matter how much you loved the bag. You did the right thing.”
Betty: “I know.”
Christina: “So, then you went and got a bag from the corner guy?”
Betty: “Are you kidding me? No! that thing costs, like, $200. I just kept thinking about what Hilda said about how unfair it was that W. goes to Rio to spend $ 25 000 on props and extras. We couldn’t even effort medicine for my dad.”
Janitor: “Totally, and you have no idea how they pad their expenses. Don’t stop on my account.”
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    Hello amateurr,

    People sometimes pad things in order to make them look bigger than they really are. "Pad their expenses" is using this definition of "pad".

    2: to expand or increase especially with needless, misleading, or fraudulent matter <pad the sales figures>



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    I agree with lablady on the meaning of pad.

    I'll add that I think "they" in the janitor's sentence refers to people like W. who go on expensive business trips to Rio. The expenses referred to are things like food and lodging, for which the person gets reimbursed. In this case, someone like W. might pad his expenses by staying at the nicest hotel in town, eating all his meals at expensive restaurants, etc.

    Someone might also pad his expenses on a business trip by claiming that he spent more on food and lodging than he really did, so that he will be reimbursed by his company for more than he actually spent.
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