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Creative Director: "Amanda is never going to come through. So I just say we kill this what's hot section and pad the quick and easy styling tips."

Could you tell me what she means by "pad". She offers to replace the what's hot section with the quick and easy styling tips section, right? But can "pad" be used like this?

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    Pad means to add padding -- essentially make the styling tips section longer without adding any new content, filling it with fluff. This will make up for the lost time in the what's hot section which has been cut.


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    Yes, I think you can use pad like this.

    Pad in this case strikes me as meaning to add to, i.e. to add padding to make it larger. So it sounds like they'll drop the "What's Hot" section and expand, to some degree, the Quick and Easy Styling Tips, perhaps to made up for the void created by dropping the hot topics.

    A more contentious phrasing is "Amanda is never going to make through." Perhaps this is colloquial somewhere... but I would find it more understandable as "Amanda is never going to come through" -- meaning she's not going to deliver the Hot Topics in time (for publication or presentation), so they're going to have to find a way to do without this section.
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