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    Hi friends: received message from a 16 year old friend (Paraguayan). I've translated her message as " I want you to be my godfather"

    I am english.and in England godparents are usually chosen when a child is christened at birth or within the first year of birth.

    Could "padrino de confirmacion" mean something different for a 16 year old???

    Thank you!!
  2. Camilo1964

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    Confirmation (admission of a baptized person to full membership in a church) is a different sacrament than baptism.

    In Latinamerica is customary that boys have a godfather and girls have a godmother for confirmation purposes. This sacrament usually takes place around 7 years old, prior to first communion. But it is not unusual that an adolescent can be confirmed at that age (16 y.o.)


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    Gracias, Camilo. That's very helpful. I am not familiar with customs in Paraguay. Here the duties of godparent would be quite serious and onerous. It would be a duty of a godparent to take care of a child/young person if, for example, the parents died. As the parents are younger than I , it appears a strange request. I would be thousands of miles away to be able to help.
  4. Camilo1964

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    I can not tell you anything about customs in Paraguay because I live in Venezuela. In my country, a confirmation godfather is someone that promises to be attent of the fulfilment (by his godson) of his religious duties or obligations.

    The kind of duties that you referred (as substitutes of parents) are typical responsabilities of baptism godparents.

    I hope you can understand the subtle differences between those two kinds of godparents, because my english is too limited to explain it properly.


  5. mnewcomb71 Senior Member

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    I am guessing that this person had Godparents when he or she was Baptized as an infant (if we are talking about Catholicism or older Protestant Denominations - which we probably are since we are talking about confirmation), and his or her Godfather is not around anymore for some reason or another, and this person is asking you to step in and since a Godparent does not need to be "replaced" in a church sense, this person wants you to take on that role now.
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    Thanks mnewcombe.

    Camilo: Tu ingles es mas mejor que mi espanol!!!!! Gracias.
  7. scotu Senior Member

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    In Mexico for some occasions like a quinceñera you can have several godfathers, One for the hall, one for the food, one for the cake,etc. It's more a responsibility of close friends of the family to help fund the occasion not so much a lifetime commitment.
  8. mcmc

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    As far as I know, a confirmation godfather is not chosen as a replacement for the baptism godfather. In this, as in many cases, it probably means that Emperor Ming is held in high esteem by this family.
  9. parhuzam Senior Member

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    It is not a lifelong commitment... but the meaning is more of a sponsor for the ceremony...
    it is an honor to be considered as a role model....

    I hope this helps...


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