page blend effect


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Hi everybody!

Trying to understand a web administration program, my husband couldn't grasp the meaning of one of the options, and I could not help because I don't understand it either!

The option is: "Enable page blend efect"

Could someone tell me what that is option supposed to mean / to do?

I was about to write this question in the English-Spanish forum, but I realized that I had no clue of the meaning at all, so I thoght I'd better post it here.

Thanks in advance!
  • Well gosh, that makes three of us who don't know. I'd say that it would cause the pages to blend together when you move from one to another; that is, to make the older one fade out instead of change immediately. It's certainly neither idiomatic English nor particularly clear though.

    Try turning it on, see what happens ;)
    I see some references on google to "page blend" meaning a smooth transition between pages, but I'm not sure how that's actually achieved. It sounds like the program designers have just made up a name for one of the features. Do you have a manual? Maybe if you tell us the name of the program, someone will have used it before and will remember the feature.
    Yes, it does sound like a transition; such as what in cinematography is called a "dissolve". Internet Explorer had such an effect built in which could be enabled by a command in the web page header. The transition could be effected in various graphical ways (e.g. the next page falls like a curtain over the first). I don't recall ever visiting a web site that used it though!

    "Blend" seems are reasonable enough term, as both pages are mixed in front of your eyes until the second page fully resolves.