paid loving tribute to her father


Many people from around the world watched in admiration as 8-year-old Bindi paid loving tribute to her father.


The "loving tribute" in the above is very abstract to me. So, what does it refer to exactly? That is, what did Bindi actually do? Thanks.
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    To build on cropje_jnr's reply, here is a thread about paying tribute. The addition of the word "loving" suggests it was a more personal, emotional tribute (as cropje said, perhaps praising him as a father, rather than for his public achievements).



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    I do not know what Bindi's actions were, and perhaps other repsondents know if she actually spoke. But one can also pay (loving) tribute to someone with symbolic actions--laying a wreath upon someone's grave or shedding tears, for example.


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    Yes, Bindi spoke at the memorial service. I don't remember everything she said, but I do remember that she referred to her father as, "my hero". That certainly sounds like a personal, loving tribute to me.
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