paikka, josta aiot kulkea


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Excerpt from a job-site safety quiz:

Olet matkalla työmaalla toiseen rakennukseen ja näet, että haarukkatrukki lähestyy paikkaa, josta aiot kulkea. Mitä teet?

"You’re on your way to another building on the job site, and you notice that a forklift is approaching the place that [?]. What should you do in this case?"

If the highlighted part means, "(the place) you intend to walk towards", shouldn't it say jonne aiot kulkea, or johon aiot kulkea, or similar?

Or, is there something about this context that makes -sta the better option?

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  • In this context, -sta doesn't indicate the origin (nor the destination). It means via or by or through. For example, if someone or something is trying to stop you from entering, you can insist: Minä menen tästä = I'm going this way, I'm going right here.
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    Thanks, I'm not sure I have ever seen this particular usage of -sta explained before.

    Maybe later today, when I'm less busy, I will think of some follow-up questions about this. :)