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Hi everybody. What is paint-strip vodka please, as mentioned in the comments by StormInHeaven and ScaryMary2 below the article entitled Aldi outstrips supermarket rivals with store expansion at Thank you.

"My local Aldi is full of posh mums and their annoyingly-named kids. Point of sale produce has moved swiftly from paint-strip vodka to organic nuts." (StormInHeaven)

"It's not just the posh mums who might prefer healthy snacks to paint strip vodka. Difference is that Aldi is not charging Waitrose prices for this. There is still a whole booze aisle nearby where you can find the paint strip vodka if you need to." (ScaryMary2 in reply to StormInHeaven)
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    Hi, onetwothreefour.

    It appears the writer is British (we don't typically say "posh mums" in AmEn). Please keep in mind I might be wrong with my interpetation. They're talking about a really cheap [off brand] vodka as if it were a paint stripper. Or, the other thought that came to my mind, is that "Paint-strip" is a brand of vodka. Although, I am not an alcohol connoisseur.
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    Some people liken cheap vodka to paint stripper. A Google search for paint stripper and vodka will provide many examples.
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