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  1. Denise1957 New Member

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    Can anyone tell me how you say in Greek a tin of paint? Δοχείο μπογιάς;
  2. Tassos

    Tassos Senior Member

    I would say "κουβάς με μπογιά" ("κουβάς μπογιάς" is not so frequent). In a dialogue you might hear just "μπογιά" (like for example "Φέρε μου τη μπογιά" meaning "bring me that tin of paint").

    Oh yeah, I forgot ... bienvenue au forum!
  3. cougr Senior Member

    What about "τενεκές μπογιάς" Tassos, or is it too uncommon?
  4. Perseas Senior Member

    You can hear the word "τενεκές" if the bucket is made from this material, but rather not if it is made from plastic. "κουβάς" and "τενεκές" are used a lot.
    As for "τενεκές μπογιάς", it is mostly used like that: "τενεκές με (την) μπογιά" or even "τενεκές μπογιά". E.g. "Δώσε μου ένα τενεκέ (με) μπογιά!", "Δώσε μου τον τενεκέ με την μπογιά!" , "
  5. cougr Senior Member

    Thanks Perseas. I had assumed that "τενεκές" in this context would be ok, so thanks for verifying. We may as well also mention that "Δοχείο μπογιάς" which Denise suggests in #1 is also very common but strictly speaking that's a "container of paint" rather than a "tin of paint".
  6. Tassos

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    Perseas covered it, just two more things.
    1) "Τενεκές" is a little "old-sounding" in my ears, so if you have two guys painting your house, the older one is more likely to say "τενεκές" and the younger "κουβάς". There is also "τενεκές" as an insult, which I've heard it used quite often, even from younger people.
    2) Although "τενεκές" is the correct spelling, most of the times it is pronounced "ντενεκές".

    I wouldn't say very common, δοχείο sounds formal, a word a chemist might use for an experiment in a lab. I guess you can use it when you go to buy the paint or something, but not in informal situations (like when you are actually painting...)
  7. Denise1957 New Member

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  8. Denise1957 New Member

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    Ευχαριστώ πολύ για όλες τις καλές σας απαντήσεις. Είμαι ολόκληρα ικανοποιημένη! :)
  9. Andrious Senior Member

  10. Denise1957 New Member

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    Eυχαριστώ επίσης για σένα Andrious (= man, δεν είναι;)
  11. Andrious Senior Member

  12. Denise1957 New Member

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    Ολαλα, ναι! Το "και" είναι μεγάλο πρόβλημα για μένα... Δεν είναι και μόνο την σύνδεση "and". Η χρήση αυτής της λέξης, ίσως θα την μάθω στην Ελλάδα όταν θα μείνω εκεί, σύντομα ελπίζω... Μαθαίνω τη γλώσσα για να ενσωματωθώ εκεί πέρα.:arrow::):)
  13. Denise1957 New Member

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    Τι είναι η κλίση της λέξης "τενεκές"; Χρειάζομαι την αιτιατική του πληθυντικού, παρακαλώ.
  14. ireney

    ireney Modistra

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    It's "τενεκέδες"

    Ο τενεκές
    του τενεκέ
    τον τενεκέ

    Οι τενεκέδες
    των τενεκέδων (rather rare)
    τους τενεκέδες
  15. Denise1957 New Member

    Français (Belgique),English
    Thanks a lot Ireney!

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