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  1. tagalog New Member

    Hi everyone I am studying Tagalog and these sentences I cannot translate.

    If anyone, a native could help me I will appreciate it.

    The word pala, example "...pala nalagay ko..."
    dapat anu ba yan
    kala m lng un...
    kala qlng pala sister...
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  2. mataripis

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    you mean , 1.) nalagay ko pala. 2.) ano ba ang dapat diyan? 3.) akala mo lang yuon. 4.) akala ko lang, kapatid pala.
  3. QueenInHyeon New Member


    I can give a try on "kala mo lang yun". It can be translated to "You're wrong". As for the others, I think they don't make sense unless put into context. If you are trying to learn the usage of "pala", those are incomplete thoughts and not good examples for learning. *wink*
  4. 082486

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    Filipino (Kinaray-a, Ilonggo, Tagalog)
    These phrases I guess came from text messages. In this case its hard to understand what they really mean. On the first phrase maybe it's like this "dapat pala nalagay ko ...." it's still incomplete though, for me it would mean, "i should have put ...". On the last phrase "akala ko lang pala sister", sister is their endearment and for me it would mean "i (just) thought...." I agree with what QueenInHyeon mentioned it will only make sense if it has complete context.

    Correct me if I'm wrong. :)
  5. latchiloya Member

    Hi tagalog,

    hopefully this will help you though late to let you know what Idea I have about "pala".
    "pala" in this context you gave means:

    one somewhat informs that one have figured out about something which was not as one knows of.^^

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