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  1. Henrik Larsson Banned

    Decidme si se pronuncian igual:

    welled-weld o welled-welded (imagino que estas dos no)

    De todos modos, aquí pongo una lista (creo que ya la puse hace tiempo) de palabras homófonas que he encontrado mirando las transcripciones fonéticas de diccionarios. Si alguien conoce alguna que lo diga porfa. Ah, y a ver si alguien encuentra algunas que se prouncien igual pero que se formen a partir de un pasado o un participio de un verbo no irregular, o de un adjetivo comparativo o superlativo.

    air heir
    arc ark
    ate eight
    awe oar or
    aye eye I
    be bee
    beach beech
    bear bare
    beat beet
    been bean
    berth birth
    blue blew
    bow bough
    boy buoy
    bread bred
    but butt
    by bye buy
    cast caste
    caught court
    coarse course
    currant current
    chute shoot
    desert* dessert
    dew due* do
    dye die
    feet feat
    flee flea
    flour flower
    flu flew
    for fore
    forth fourth
    foul fowl
    four for
    franc frank
    groan grown
    hall haul
    have halve
    heal he'll heel
    heard herd
    heart hart
    heed he'd
    here hear
    high hi
    hole whole
    hoop whoop
    in inn
    isle I'll aisle
    its it's
    knit nit
    knot not
    lent leant
    lesson lessen
    main mane
    manner manor
    meat meet
    medal meddle
    missed mist
    morning mourning
    need knead
    new knew
    night knight
    no know
    none nun
    nor gnaw
    one won
    pee pea
    peel peal
    piece peace
    pore pour
    quay* key
    queue cue
    rap wrap
    red read (participio y pasado de leer)
    retch wretch
    right write
    ring wring
    road rode
    rung wrung
    sail sale
    scene seen
    scent sent
    see sea
    sent scent
    sew sow (coser)
    site sight
    sleigh slay
    sole soul
    son sun
    steal steel
    suit sweet
    Sunday sundae
    tail tale
    taught taut
    team teem
    through threw
    throw throe
    time thyme
    two too to
    wail whale
    wait weight
    waive wave
    warn worn
    waste waist
    way weigh
    we wee
    weak week
    wear where
    we'd weed
    whet wet
    whether weather
    which witch
    wine whine
    wood would
    yoke yolk
    you ewe yew
  2. charmedboi82 Senior Member

    USA, English
    Lo voy a pensarlo un poquito para encontrarte aun mas pero y casi todas las palabras que pusiste (no en la lista) no son homofonas. Hice unas correciones y le agregue un poquito a la lista (en colorado).... espero que te sirva.

    false/falls - no
    high/hire - no
    welled/weld - yes (aunque no se cuando se diria 'welled')
    welled-welded - no

  3. Henrik Larsson Banned

    Me había equivocado en lo de high-hire (es obvio que no se pronuncian igual) quería decir higher-hire.

    Creo que key y quay se prouncian igual en Inglaterra (creo).

    La diferencia entre false y falls puede ser el sonido final? O sea que en false suena una "s" y en falls suena una "z"?
  4. Henrik Larsson Banned

    Y por cierto, que significa "throe"? Ya ni recuerdo donde lo vi... creo que siginificaba algo así como "angustia". ¿alguien ha usado alguna vez esa palabra?
  5. jacinta Senior Member

    USA English
    Sí, claro. "He was in the throes of a divorce".

    I hope to never see the throes of childbirth again!

    throe: agonizing pain or suffering; turmoil

    Normalmente se lo usa en plural.
  6. Henrik Larsson Banned

    Gracias, ahora me ha quedado mas claro.
  7. JULIBANANA Member

    Birmingham UK
    UK English

    Espero que ayude un poco!
  8. JULIBANANA Member

    Birmingham UK
    UK English

    Quay and Key do sound the same in English.
    Normally QU makes a KW sound like Queen (kw-een) but in this case it comes from the French making a K sound only
  9. charmedboi82 Senior Member

    USA, English
    Yes, I know the 'qu' makes a 'k' sound. The French 'quai' and English 'key' do not sound alike, at least not how I pronounce them.
  10. charmedboi82 Senior Member

    USA, English
    Eso, en false suena una 's' y en falls suena una 'z'. Tal vez haya un elemento un poco mas complicado pero hay seguramente esa distincion entre la 's' y la 'z'.

    Aqui tienes tres mas: rye - wry; hair - hare; there - their - they're (para mi, la tercera suena un poco diferente pero creo que son igualitas para otros)
  11. JULIBANANA Member

    Birmingham UK
    UK English
    Well here in the UK quay as in quayside sounds (key-side) to verify my pronunciation, I checked with my English native speaker students including 2 Americans, so I'd have to disagree with you there.
  12. JULIBANANA Member

    Birmingham UK
    UK English
    Quite right!
  13. charmedboi82 Senior Member

    USA, English
    It would appear as though there are two pronunciations..... 'KEE' (as I don't pronounce it) and 'KAY' (like the name). I personally thought the second was the most common, but I'm not totally sure. Most dictionaries list both... the American Heritage online actually has pronunciations that can be listened to for the word.

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