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Discussion in 'English Only' started by westwind, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. westwind Senior Member

    In ancient China, a capital city usually has more than one walled inner cities, e.g. the Imperial City (HuangCheng), the Palace City.
    The Palace City is the one where the Emperor and his concubines live. It was within the Imperial City. I'd like to know if the term Palace City makes sense. I have searched the internet, but fail to find some authoritative hits. Hope you could help me. Thank you.
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    The term "Palace City" doesn't mean anything to me. An enclosed area with multiple buildings, within a city or elsewhere, is usually called a compound in American English. I'd probably call this the Palace Compound, though if it has a traditional name in English, you may not have a choice.
  3. westwind Senior Member

    Thank you.
    How about the 'imperial city.' Seems it is a common term. The 'palace city' is similar to it, only smaller in size. The Forbidden City in Bejing was the ‘Place City’ of the Qing dynasty. Is the Forbidden something like a compound?
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    westwind. We cannot help you if you toss us a phrase without a complete sentence (or sentences) and some context. If you say to an English speaker "Palace City" will they know what you are talking about? No. Give them a paragraph of text that explains the society in Imperial China and will they understand? Yes.

    Because you are a senior member and your question does not meet the basic requirements of the forum I am closing this thread.

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