Palatalization in Slavic languages


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Czech (Plzeñ) and Polish (bratɕε) have palatalization. Do Russian, Ukrainian and Bielorussian have palatalization too?

Any advice is welcome. :)
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    Almost all Russian consonants can be palatalized, but only a few are in Czech and Polish.

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    Hi Margrave, yes, they all do. See Russian Phonology (...) Palatalization (wikipedia). There's lots of stuff on Google about palatalization in Russian (Google Russian palatalization) written by people who've studied it in depth, and there are threads about it on the Russian forum, e.g. Palatalization before е or я, Palatalization before "и", and see All Slavic: Palatalization of Consonants before /j/.
    Not sure if the Czech forum is the best place to ask about palatalization in other languages though. :confused:
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