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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by angelico76, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. angelico76 Senior Member

    Italy, italian
    I've got the two following doubts:

    - Can I say "How do you render this term in english?" to mean "What's the english equivalent of this term?"
    - How do I say: "Non avrai mica il palato fino?": "palato fino" is an italian idiom that means that you only like things very good (and expensive).

  2. Kraus Senior Member

    Italian, Italy
    You've got a delicate palate, haven't you?
  3. angelico76 Senior Member

    Italy, italian
    I'm afraid this translation is too literal.
    Let's wait for some natives...
  4. Siberia

    Siberia Senior Member

    UK-Wales - English
    You seem to have expensive tastes or just you have expensive tastes, haven't you?
  5. audia Senior Member

    Palato fino= perhaps to have expensive or sophisticated taste.
  6. angelico76 Senior Member

    Italy, italian
    Ok, thanks I thought there was some idiom to convey that meaning.
    Actually, in italian there are different ways to express it, like for instance,
    gusti costosi, gusti ricercati, palato sofisticato, palato sopraffino, palato fino...

    Thanks a lot,
  7. joanvillafane Senior Member

    U.S., New Jersey
    U.S. English
    You can also say "champagne taste"

    Someone who has "champagne taste" likes good quality or expensive things
  8. joanpeace

    joanpeace Senior Member

    Alberta, Canada
    Canada - English
  9. angelico76 Senior Member

    Italy, italian
    un super grazie....
  10. iessicuz Senior Member

    Ho difficoltà a tradurre la seguente frase, tratta da una rubrica d'arte:

    Nondimeno, si tratta di un’artista americana molto nota e rispettata specie da un pubblico di palati raffinati.
    La mia versione è: Nevertheless, she is an American artist appreciated and acclaimed most notably by people of good taste.

    Ma vorrei trovare un'espressione più ricercata per "palati raffinati".
    Qualche idea?
  11. angelico76 Senior Member

    Italy, italian
    My try:
    Nevertheless/nonetheless, she is an American artist very much welcomed and acclaimed by a sophisticated audience, in particular.
  12. Alsome Member

    Can one say:" You've got a good palate"?
  13. johngiovanni

    johngiovanni Senior Member

    If someone says "You have good taste", it usually means "You like the things I do". (And I have exquisite taste, so obviously everyone should like what I like!)
  14. amatriciana Senior Member

    English - UK and US
    In what context, and with what meaning in mind? Otherwise, you can say what you want :)
  15. Alsome Member

    I'm sorry for being late. The context is the following: One says: "I take only this kind of food for seven days of the week." the other answers: " You've got a good palate."
    Thank you, amatriciana and Johngio.
  16. johngiovanni

    johngiovanni Senior Member

    Probably, then, "You have good taste". "You've got a good palate" does not sound very natural to me. You may as well say, "You have a refined palate", which is a more literal translation, is an accepted English expression and would make sense.
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  17. Alsome Member

    Than you John!

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