Palestinian Arabic: تخلينيش/تخلنيش أروح، ما خلنيش أروح


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Hey all! I'd like to know what khalineesh ih rooh means in is in the Palestinian dialect
Many thanks in advance!
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    The sentence is not grammatically correct in Palestinian Arabic.

    ما) تخلِنيش أروح) ((ma) txallinīš ʾarūħ) = Don’t let me go.
    ما خلَنيش أروح (ma xallanīš ʾarūħ) = He didn’t let me go.

    In Palestinian Arabic, negation can be formed using ما + -ـش (as in Egyptian). -ـش can be dropped in any tense/mood (yielding forms parallel to those used in Syrian and Lebanese), but ما can only be dropped in the imperative and the indicative present (present with b-), not the past or the subjunctive present (present without b-).

    Imperative ("Don't let me") / indicative present ("He doesn't let me):
    ما تخلِنيش (ma txallinīš) / ما بخلِنيش (ma bixallinīš) :tick:
    ما تخلِيني (mā txallīni) / ما بخلِيني (mā bixallīni) :tick:
    تخلِنيش (txallinīš) / بخلِنيش (bixallinīš) :tick:

    Past tense ("He didn't let me") / subjunctive present ("that he not let me")
    ما خلَنيش (ma xallanīš) / ما يخلِنيش (ma yxallinīš) :tick:
    ما خلاني (mā xallāni) / ما يخلِيني (mā yxallīni) :tick:
    خلَنيش (xallanīš) / يخلِنيش (yxallinīš) :cross:
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