Palestinian Arabic: كوندشن (air conditioner)

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Arabic (Egypt)
I heard someone say عندهم ثلاجة و قندوشه, عنّا قندوشه
I'm not sure if it's written قندوشه but what does it mean?
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    Arabic (Egypt)
    The weather was hot and a woman gave water to her husband , he said the water is warm and she replied
    لو يكون عندنا مثل الناس عندهم ثلاجة وجابوا فوقها كَنْدوشن/ه
    فصحح لها قائلا اسمها قَنْدوشِن/ه
    Are you sure you didn't hear كوندشن, meaning 'air conditioning unit'?
    After thinking it could be
    what confused me that the vowels are different.


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    We have three words for it:

    كوندشن (from English), pronounced “kondišen” — I’ve never heard it pronounced otherwise
    مزغان (from Hebrew), pronounced “mazgān”
    مُكَيِّف (the Arabic word)
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