Palestinian: bas t5ana2na 3ala elemail w 3imlit 3alaya block

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I would like to know what the following means please:

bas t5ana2na 3ala elemail w 3imlit 3alaya block..absar cho ra7 yeser banatna elmochkile sarle ba3rifhe 6 years wallah waja3tilk rasik fe 2isase

Thank you :)
  • Mahaodeh

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    Arabic, PA and IA.
    That is: بس تخانقنا على الإيميل وعملت علية بلوك... أبصر شو راح يصير بيناتنا المشكلة صارلي بعرفها ست سنين ولله وجعتلك راسك في قصصي

    but we had a fight through (or about) email and she blocked me... I wonder what is going to happen, the problem is that I have known her for 6 years; by God I have given you headache with my stories.
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