Palestinian/Lebanese: So how is the community where you live? Is there community cohesion?

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Hello, I would like to know how I could ask the following question to someone who lives in Israel in the Palestinian/Lebanese dialects: So how is the comminuty where you live? Is there community cohesion or is there discrimination between Jews and Muslims on the streets and in schools?

Thanks in advance!
  • elroy

    Imperfect mod
    US English, Palestinian Arabic bilingual

    2ulli [m.] / 2uliili [f.], kiif il-mujtama3 ween inte saaken [m.] / inti saakne [f.]? Fii insijaam bil-mujtama3 willa fii tamyiiz been il-yahuud wil-misilmiin bish-shawaare3 wil-madaares?
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