paletas de playa

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  1. calumh Member

    Chile, Español
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  2. Mustermisstler

    Mustermisstler Senior Member

    beach racket
  3. calumh Member

    Chile, Español
    Thanks for your reply. But what about "beach bats"? Which is most commonly used?
  4. I've heard of beach paddles or beach rackets, but if you said beach bat, a term I have never heard, I would think of a baseball-type bat, in plastic.
  5. calumh Member

    Chile, Español
    Thanks serrenna for your reply. I think I had heard that name in British English, but I wasn't sure.
  6. It's quite possible; my English is not British. Let's see what others say.
  7. calumh Member

    Chile, Español
    OK, thanks anyway:)
  8. The Prof

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    Yes, you can call those either bats or rackets in BE. The word paddle is also used, but I am not sure that everyone would know what you were talking about, whereas everyone would know the other two terms. Paddles is a word that is more likely to be used by people who play "serious" sport with them, rather than playing for fun. :)
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  9. calumh Member

    Chile, Español
    Thanks The Prof for your complete reply. That was just what I needed. :D
  10. aztlaniano

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    English (Aztlán, US sector)
    For reference, for future users, I believe in American English only "paddle" would be used. "Racquet" is used when there are strings involved, as on a tennis or badminton racquet, and "bat" is usually reserved for baseball (or cricket, on the rare occasions the subject arises).

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