Palier de barème de financement


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Hi everyone,

I've been looking for this expression and was wondering if it is possible to translate it as 'financing schedule level'.
There is no real context, I just want to talk about the several possibilities of repayment depending on the financing amount and the periodicity chosen...

Can someone help me on this? any help appreciated.

Thank you
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    I agree with your idea, but I cannot come up with a single noun.
    "barème de financement" => financing [cost] schedule, cost-of-borrowing schedule (giving the cost of borrowing for ranges of amounts borrowed)
    "palier" => a range of amounts borrowed for which the financing / borrowing terms are the same (e.g. if amount borrowed is between $25,000 and $100,000, then borrowing cost is 5% p.a.)

    The thing could be called a "stratified borrowing / financing cost schedule" or a "differential borrowing / financing cost schedule".

    "palier de barème de financement" would then be a particular "range of amounts borrowed / that can be borrowed" or "range of loan values" for a given cost of borrowing.


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    I thought about range too, but I wasn't sure...
    thank you so much for your help, it is really really really appreciated!!


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    "financing schedule range" isn't too cumbersome.

    a range in a loan interest rate schedule, a row in an interest rate table

    in specific contexts: the step interval for
    step-fixed financing costs, step-fixed interest [charges],
    step-fixed borrowing costs
    step-variable financing costs, step-variable interest [charges]
    step-variable borrowing costs
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