Pallet Caja de Madera

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  1. srmoreno Senior Member

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    Is this a wood box pallet? Se trata del tipo de envio, que para mi queire decir la manera en que va a llegar
  2. juandiego

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    I think so. I can't think of any other option.
    Althought originally and strictly the pallet is the portable platform (usually a wooden framework) used for storing or moving cargo, that word is also used to convey the cargo is packed and ready to be moved by the usual methods. So, I think you can expect a wooden box ready to be moved by forklifts.
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  3. emm1366 Senior Member


    Pallet Caja de Madera = Crate
  4. juandiego

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    Ok, so it has its own word, I see. Good point, emm1366.

    Anyway, I wonder whether crate is used for every box sizes or for particular ones since the term pallet, in Spanish, points to around 1 or 1.5 cubic meters in order to be moveable by mean of forklifts or something similar.
  5. srmoreno Senior Member

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    So what what a "caja de madera" be? The text has both listed.

    caja de madera


    caja de madera
  6. DeFulham Senior Member

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    In the UK a pallet is the a wooden base that is used to courier goods and it can be lifted using a forklift.
    On top of the pallet you can put cartons containing the goods.

    Caja de madera is a wooden box.
  7. A pallet is not a wooden box, nor a crate. A pallet is a flat platform on which materials are placed for storage or transport. But "box" ( o caja o crate) no la es. Por lo menos en inglés.

    I have heard paleta = pallet but not sure if that is pocho or not.
  8. juandiego

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    I think it means something like:
    Pallet: (How is it packed?)
    Caja de Madera (Into a wooden cage - crate)
    Like a question and its answer filling a blankbox. Why it is twice, I can't think of save a computer unnecessarily writing it repeated.
  9. Juandiego - if the question is how to use these terms as verb expressions: to place materials on a flat pallet and secure them = "to palletize" although this is a something of a specialty expression mostly used by the US military and certain segments of industry. Perhaps it is now gaining wider use. "They palletized all the ammunition for shipment by truck."

    "to place materials in boxes" = "to box" "They boxed all the computers in half a day."

    But I think we should return to the noun expressions:

    caja de madera = wooden box

    Parihuela (Pallet): es una plataforma re-utilizable usada en la estiba de carga para facilitar el aprovechamiento del espacio de almacenamiento y de bodega de transporte, y las operaciones de manipuleo. Existen clases normalizadas en cuanto a material y diseño de construcción y a sus dimensiones.
  10. juandiego

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    Hello Vell Bruixot.

    The English verb to palletize has its equivalent in Spanish: paletizar, and with the same meaning according to what you have told us; to pack and secure on a pallet.

    Anyway, I think very important to point out that most of the time the term pallet is used in Spanish is probably referring to the whole pack rather than only the platform. This is why I have said that the original question is probably inquiring how is it packed and just looking for a brief description.
  11. ACQM

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    I agree, I think it talks about a pallet full of wooden boxes of the product and they are using "pallet" as a mesure unit. In Spain is common to hear thinks like "trae tres pallets de ruedas/botellas/galletas/..."

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