pallier à un manque

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  1. fabfab Senior Member

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    "Nous ne pouvons pas imprimer les documents. Il faut trouver un moyen de pallier à ce manque."

    In this context what is needed is not something tangible, that's why I wonder how to translate it...
    Thank you for your help!
  2. rosieg Senior Member

    Beirut, Lebanon
    England, English
    We have to find another solution? (that is, we avoid printing them)
    We have to find a solution to this? (that is, we buy a printer and solve the problem)
    We need to find another option (that is, that someone else print them).

    Surely someone has a better idea!
  3. XPditif Senior Member

    Planet Earth
    français (France)
    we need to remedy that lack?
    (native confirmation would be appreciated
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  4. ageur Senior Member

    Juste une précision, en français on dit :
    remédier à quelque chose
    palier quelque chose

    C'est une faute extrêmement courante à cause de la confusion avec remédier.
  5. hunternet

    hunternet Senior Member

    France - French
    --> fill this gap / solve this issue ?
  6. rosieg Senior Member

    Beirut, Lebanon
    England, English
    I like "solve this issue" and "we need to remedy that".
    We need to remedy that lack and fill this gap are not quite right in this sentence.
  7. EnFrDe

    EnFrDe Member

    English (UK)
    You could try "We need to find a way to change that". It's less specific but fits the context and sounds fairly natural.

    The English verb to use there would probably be "rectify" rather than "remedy".
  8. rosieg Senior Member

    Beirut, Lebanon
    England, English
    I think in English we remedy a problem but not a lack, nor do we rectify a lack. But "we need to rectify that" sounds natural to me.


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