Pan Jurek / Mr. Jerry


America English - U.S.A.
Pan Jurek which is Polish for Mr. Jerry.
Mr. Jerry which is English for Pan Jurek.

Thank you so much and Happy Holidays 2006 / 2007.
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  • olivinha

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    I don't don't know if I understand this thread but I will give it a shot. In Brazilian Portuguese we don't have a name that would correspond to Jerry but considering that Jerry could be a form of Gerald, Gerard, Jeremiah or Jerome, here are the equivalents to Mr. Jerry:

    Sr. Geraldo
    Sr. Jeremias
    (Sr. = senhor)



    America English - U.S.A.
    I forgot about that. ;-) So let me add the following names if it makes it easier: Gerald, Gerard, Jeremiah, or Jerome.

    Olivinha - thanks for the reminder. I am just so used to Jerry that I forget about the other possibilities.


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    Romanian doesn't have a corresponding name for Jerry, either. Jeremiah would be "Ieremia" in Romanian.

    Oh, and "mister" (mr.) is "domnul" (dl.) in Romanian.
    How would you say all the different versions in Greek?
    Greek doesn't have "Jerry" either.
    The name is either «Ιερεμίας» [i.e.ɾeˈ] (masc.) --> Jeremiah and mr. Jerry is «κύριος Ιερεμίας» [ˈci.ɾi.ɔs i.e.ɾeˈ] (abbreviated «κος Ιερεμίας») or «Ιερώνυμος» [i.eˈɾɔ.ni.mɔs] (masc.) --> Jerome (if I'm not mistaken, Jerry is the hypocorism of Jeremiah & Jerome, correct me if I'm wrong) hence «κύριος/κος (abb.) Ιερώνυμος».
    I don't think we have any familiar forms for both.
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