pan= recipiente?

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spanish, spain

Is it pan used as a generic word for any kind of food containers?

Pour the mixture into pans of your own choice (molds or glasses)

Would it be correct here?

  • georgina.

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    Hi there, in English pan is more specific than a generic term for food containers - it is the term for the utensil used for cooking over the hob - (quemador de cocina?)

    I think the most accurate Spanish equivalent would be cacerola, or sartén for the english frying pan.

    Given your context, molds or glasses, or both, would be the best translation.

    Hope this may have helped in some way!


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    I wouldn't use the word 'pans' here as a generic term – as georgina says, it's more specific. I'd use 'containers'.

    Chris K

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    I think we need to know more of the context, but in terms of food a "pan" is almost always something you cook food in, not something you store food in.


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    I agree. Pan is to cook in. Canister or container is to store food in.

    En español, para mi, holla/friadera = pan y recipiente = canister/container.


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    Dear cogumelo,

    As I understand your question, "mold" (molde, como aquellos en que se pone la gelatina para que cuaje) or "jar" (frasco, como aquellos en que se pone fruta en mermelada) will be useful terms. "Glasses" will give mostly the idea of "vasos" as a recipient to drink. If you are thinking in a "bandeja de cristal", then "pyrex pan" or "glass pan" will be proper.

    Then, dear grindios; sorry, but it should be "olla," (for pot) and "freidera" (for frying pan).

    Have a great New Year.
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