1. john welch Senior Member

    English-Australian creole
    Tamil Pandya with the sense of very old, heritage appears to be the basis for Indonesian pandu guide, as in pandega fishing boat crew, Girl Guide / Boy Scout, pandagan view , opinion, and pandom ship's compass ( made as a magnetic fish).
    North Australia has about 300 Indonesian loan-words. Pundu is the giant fish-man who created the Darling river through central Australia and was chased by Ngurunderi on a raft who speared the fish and created new fish. He battled Parampari a demon sorcerer and burned his body which is contrary to Aboriginal culture. The river was the Barka of the Barkindji people ( *Skr bhaga induji "beautiful river"?)
    Possibly the Pandya kingdom and the Vishnu giant fish-man legend has influenced Australian history.

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