panneau (aéroport)

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how would you call the "panneau" we stupidly hold when expecting someone we don't know at the airport? You know, the one with your name on it, or the person's name, or the company's name? I was thinking of "sign" or "board", but I really can't make up my mind. Plus, I'm sure there must be a better way :D
Thank you.
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    French - France, ♀
    I'd rather call it pancarte in French. Not so stupid when you're the one who's being picked up. :)


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    British English
    "When you arrive, look out for our driver who will be holding a board / sign / card / placard with your name on it".

    "Placard" is OK but it suggests something relatively large.


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    The following are commonly used by limo companies on the net.

    Your driver will be waiting in arrivals after the customs area and will be holding a name board

    he/she will be holding a small paging board with the customers name
    printed on it.
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