Pant, puff and blow or gasp??

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Please I need to know the slight difference that exists among these verbs.
I was taught that this difference has to do with effort, but there is no clear-cut difference to me.

Could you please provide me with meaningful examples where this difference is clearly expressed?

Thx in advance.
  • Benjy

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    well.. off the top of my head i would say:

    panting: heavy breathing caused by exertion
    gasping is the same thing, but i think it implies a struggle for air.
    puffing puts the focus on the fact you're expelling air
    blowing has nothing to do with the above three. it just means to expel air.


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    No wonder you're confused!! I went to the dictionary, since Benjy already went from the top of his head, and apparently I can't use the dictionary for this one! (The definition of pant is 1.) to breathe rapidly in short gasps...or 2.) to give off or emit in loud puffs. :eek: ) That's not helpful!!

    I consider panting to be continuous. On a hot summer day, when the dog just sits there, breathing fast, its tongue hanging out ~ that is panting. (Um, people can pant without their tongue hanging out! :eek: :D)

    Puffing is not continuous. (We "puff on" a cigarette or a pipe, so I consider it to be intermittent.) Picture the guy at the gym, exerting himself more than he wants to let on. He labors a while, slows down and puffs a little, then labors again. (It must be a memory from a childhood book, but I keep getting a mental image of a fat man trying to climb a hill!) (No offense to any fat man who may be trying to climb a hill, of course.)

    I agree that gasping has the idea of a struggle for air. A fish out of water is gasping for air. In movies, when somebody tries to strangle someone, but they get saved in the nick of time ~ those desperate, painful breaths are "gasping for air."

    I have never heard "to blow" to show any kind of exertion. We blow out a candle ~ it is one long, forceful exhalation.

    Hope that helps!


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    I pant after a three mile run.

    Virginia Wolf gasped for air before she drowned.

    A steam train puffs.
    I'm puffing on a cigarette (which is why I pant after a three mile run!).

    The wind blows.
    When I'm skiing I blow on my hands to warm them up.

    Any help?
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